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The latest on Google's entertainment tech

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Welcome to Lowpass, a newsletter about the future of entertainment and the next big hardware platforms, including smart TVs, ambient computing and AR / VR. This week: Google I/O TV and streaming news, and a scoop on the future of Chinese AR glasses maker Nreal.

I/O observations: What’s next for Google’s entertainment tech

This week, Google had two big stories to tell at its annual I/O developer conference: The company used the event to unveil a range of new devices, including the Pixel Fold, the Pixel 7a and a long-awaited Pixel Tablet. Plus, CEO Sundar Pichai once again explained how important AI is to Google — only this year, he had to assure the world that Google isn’t losing the AI race.

Given all of the attention AI was getting, Google’s media efforts were playing a relatively minor role at the event. However, the company still shared some updates for people building TV apps, and it also showed off how tablets can evolve to become a new kind of media consumption device. Here are a few key tidbits related to the intersection of entertainment and technology:

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