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This small accessory could be big for AR

Put a ring on it

Welcome to Lowpass, a newsletter about the future of entertainment and the next big hardware platforms, including smart TVs, ambient computing and AR / VR. This week: What a new ring gadget means for the future of AR, and what’s happening with Netflix’s password sharing crackdown.

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TCL’s unannounced RayNeo Ring hints at a gesture-controlled AR future

TCL’s RayNeo AR hardware subsidiary is getting ready to announce a ring to control AR glasses with the flick of a finger: The aptly called RayNeo Ring features a touch pad and a single button and is designed to control AR glasses via Bluetooth, according to documents filed with the FCC in recent days.

TCL isn’t the first company looking to use a ring for device control: Japanese wearables startup Logbar sold a ring for device control close to a decade ago, and Apple has filed several patent applications for rings to control a variety of gadgets, including mixed reality headsets.

Here’s why companies are eyeing rings and other wearables as AR accessories — and why controlling AR glasses is such a complex challenge.

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