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Lessons learned from 10 years in XR

Time flies!

Welcome to Lowpass! This week: Wevr’s co-founders on their 10-year journey in VR, and new data on FAST viewing.

WEVR’s co-founders on 10 years in immersive entertainment, the Vision Pro, and VR’s current inflection point

It’s been ten years since Los Angeles-based virtual reality startup Wevr commercially released its first virtual reality title, a GearVR adaptation of the underwater worlds experience TheBlu. Co-founded by gaming, visual effects and online storytelling veterans, the company has since experienced many of the the ups and downs of VR, from mobile headsets all the way to the recent launch of Apple’s Vision Pro.

“It's a deja vu moment, for sure,” said Wevr co-founder and CEO Neville Spitieri when I caught up with him and fellow co-founder Anthony Batt via Zoom this week. The duo wanted to talk to me because Wevr just announced a new $3.5 million round of funding from HTC and Epic Games, but our conversation ended up being primarily about the trajectory of both the company and the broader VR industry, including lessons learned, bets that didn’t work, and the prospects of an exciting future ahead.

“There's clearly a bit of an inflection point happening right now,” Spiteri said.

Read on for the duo’s take on the state of VR, location-based entertainment, the Apple Vision Pro, their advice for people new to the industry, and more.

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